Getting Married at St Paul’s

Great – you want to get married in church. That is a wonderful choice to make and we want to make the process as easy as possible. But why get married in a church? A wedding is a public declaration of your love and commitment to each other. But if you choose to get married in church there is an added dimension – the ‘God’ part. The commitment you make is not only made in public, but it is now made in the presence of God who loves you, cares for you and wants to help you. This doesn’t mean you will avoid all the pitfalls and difficulties that we all go through in our relationships, but it does mean that in a special way you are not on your own, God wants to help you, care for you, guide you and help you sustain your relationship and love for the rest of your life together. So can you get married at St Paul’s and what do you need to do? The Church of England has it’s own website with lots of useful information and help. You can find it here: We hope this information will help you make the decisions you need to. If you need any help at all please get in touch with us.