We have dealt in the other pages with the What and the Why so not we come to the Where and the How.

Can my child be baptised at St Paul’s?

The first answer to this question is to ask some more questions:

Where do you live?

The Anglican Church (or Church Of England) works in geographical areas, called Parishes, and within each area is a Parish Church. In order to have your child baptised at St Paul’s you need to live within our area (or Parish). To find out which parish you live in click here and enter your postcode. If you live within our Parish that’s great. If you don’t we would encourage you to contact the church in your area. You may however still be able to have your child baptised at St Paul’s.

Do you have significant family connections with our church?

If you don’t live within our area (Parish) but have significant family connections with our church you may still be able to arrange to have your child baptised at St Paul’s. You need to speak to the Vicar about this and he needs to give his approval, and you will also need to get the approval in writing of the vicar of the parish where you do live).

How do I go about making the arrangements?

Come along to one of our Sunday services which are held at 10.30am every Sunday and speak to the Vicar or other staff member at the end of the service. All ages are welcome to our services and you will be made very welcome. We also have a Sunday school for children if you have older children in your family.

Please note the Vicar will not make arrangements or book times on the telephone. If you contact him he will invite you to come along and meet him after one of our Sunday services.