Alindra Naskar recently sent this message:

Following are few thoughts, you may share with the congregation; Any social welfare activity we stat for a trailing behind community is always a big challenge. They will always have big expectations but we can’t fulfil and can’t help all. A rural community where our New Life Centre is established in India, all of them are not very poor, some are truly needy and some are greedy. Therefore it becomes a big challenge whom to help on priority basis. Some times we need to face life threat and in consequence many great missionaries had to sacrifice their lives even. I had gone through many situations as such threats.

Therefore; if we like to become a witness of our loving God, we always need to remember ” Life is a Challenge and Challenge is Life”
However; activities of our New Life Centre has updated to a recognized status. But for many reasons we are diplomatically being persecuted by non-cooperation from the Government because our Christian identity.

But development is taking place and many children are gradually finding a purpose in life through all-round education from our institution and more than 100 deprived women have become self supported by receiving vocational training in tailoring and embroidery.
Presently we have around 500 students in school from pre-primary to Secondary status. Girls are doing much better than the boys. Since girl children are more neglected in India, we are very happy to give them quality education and preparing them to become potential future mothers and then they will be able to bring up a better future generation individually and eventually the whole community will be developed. Therefore we are giving more priority for girl children’s education. I had been fortunate to receive award from UNWG Vienna on 1st October 1913 and had opportunity to speak about the”Women’s rights in India” and impotence of girl children’s education in India. This year I was privileged to receive”Mother Teresa International Award” on 18th January 2019. It is nothing special but just extra inspiration to render the best for the least fortunates.

Please continue to pray for further development of New Life Centre.