From Evidence To Action

A few weeks ago I wrote about some research that the Church of England conducted between 2011 and 2013 on factors that influence church growth. As part of that post I invited everyone to indicate how well, or otherwise, you felt that we did at St Paul’s against these factors, and it was great that 30 people filled in the questionnaire. I thought you might be interested in the summary of the responses.

I asked you to rank on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 was not very good and 10 was excellent) how we did in these areas:

  • A church which is welcoming and builds on-going relationships with people
    Your average response was 8.0
  • A church that understands its context, actively engages with it and with those who might not currently go to church
    Your average response was 6.7
  • A church that has a clear mission and purpose and whose clergy and congregations are intentional about growth
    Your average response was 7.0
  • A church that is willing to change and adapt
    Your average response was 7.0
  • A church that has clergy and lay leaders who innovate, envision and motivate people
    Your average response was 7.4
  • A church where lay people as well as ordained clergy are active in leadership and other roles
    Your average response was 7.8
  • A church that actively engages children and young people
    Your average response was 7.5
  • A church that nurtures disciples
    Your average response was 6.5

I am greatly encouraged by these responses. It’s great to see that most people feel we are a welcoming community, building on-going relationships with people. It’s also great to see the perception that we have leadership that is innovative and encouraging and that this encompasses lay people as well as myself.

We clearly have work to do in the process of nurturing disciples and understanding, and engaging, with the context within which God has placed us. Hopefully the three recent evenings have been a good start at a a deeper understanding of the context around us.

I would be very interested in your take on the responses above. Please respond by entering a common on our website or responding to the Facebook posts.