We hope to update these videos regularly through the build process

Week 22 The heating is now on and working, the toilets are fitted out, electrics are just about finished and the link between the existing building and the new facilities will be going in soon!

Week 21 – Doors and Windows

Week 20

Week 19 – The first look inside

Week 18

Week 17

Week 16

Weeks 12-15

Week 11 – More work on the roof

Week 10 – Roofing starting to appear

Week 9 – Joists, upper flooring and more walls.

Week 8 – a bit wet this week but still making progress

Week 7 – more walls and we now have scaffolding in place

Week 6 – More walls

Week 5 – The walls tart to appear

Cumulative – Month 1 – Setup and Foundations

Week 4 of the build – Foundations

Week 3 of the build

Week 2 of the build

Week 1 of the build

The start – The felling of the Cyprus Tree