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Since 1835 our building at St Paul’s has often been changed to best serve the mission of God and the local community. When first built it was a T shape with no Chancel or Sanctuary! This was added as was the vestry area and the Memorial Chapel. More recently pews have been removed and replaced by chairs to allow us to use the space in creative ways.

The latest development to our building (and the most ambitious in our history) will start in early Summer of 2017 with the building of a 120SqM extension to the South side of our present building. This will provide much needed facilities to support the services and events that we are already holding and will allow for future growth and development.

The building will provide toilets (at last decent toilets!), a kitchen, a large meeting space and a smaller meeting room as well as much needed storage space.

At the same time we have work to do on our existing building to maintain it in a good state of repair. The interior needs redecoration, especially in areas where the plaster is coming loose, and the tower needs repairs where loose masonry has recently been removed to make it safe.

All this comes at a cost. The total needed is estimated at £420,000. Through the generosity of two previous members of our church community we already have £250,000 that have been left to us in legacies. There will also be a donation of £50,000 from the St Barnabas Fund. That leaves us with £120,000 to finance ourselves and we plan to do that through grant funding (estimated at £50,000), fundraising (target to raise £15,000 over 5 years) and giving (£55,000 of which £10,000 has already been promised). We will update this page from time to time with details of how much has been donated/raised.

You can give to support this development in the following ways:

Regular gifts: These are vital to repay the loan that we have agreed to make this development possible. To give regularly, and to add gift-aid to your giving please collect a blue pack from the back of our church building. Gifts given this way are managed on our behalf by the Parish Giving Scheme and can be entirely anonymous.

One off gifts: These can be given at any time either directly or via online giving. To give directly (and include gift-aid if you are a taxpayer) please put your donation in one of the blue envelopes and put it in the offertory plate on a Sunday or give it to the vicar or churchwarden at any other time.

Online Giving: You can give online (and include gift-aid if you are a taxpayer) by visiting Gifts given through online giving and managed for us by BT.

Fundraising: Support our fundraising activities in the coming months or do something yourself to fundraise for this amazing project.