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When not If

by Sandy Matheson

In our reading from Matthew 6 today Jesus talks about giving, praying and fasting. I don’t know if you noticed that in each of these passages Jesus says “When you give” “When you pray” and “When you fast.” Jesus doesn’t say “if you give/pray/fast” – Jesus just assumes that all of us will give, pray […]


by Sandy Matheson

Are you coming to our service at St Paul’s tomorrow? If so come ready to answer the following questions: Thinking about the passages you have read/listened to this week, which one has had the most impact & why? What challenged you, including anything didn’t you understand or troubled you? What do you now know that […]


by Sandy Matheson

Matthew 4:17 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Repent – what does that word mean to you? In my mind it is normally associated with sin and confession. However in it’s original context it meant something wider. It is from the greek metanoeō to change one’s mind or purpose. The Amplified Bible […]